Midweek Inspiration: Kid President

Everyone can use a little inspiration in the middle of the work week, so I’ve decided to make Wednesdays “Midweek Inspiration” day and post something positive and inspiring to enjoy and reflect on!

This week’s inspiration: Kid President

I myself was introduced to this video last night during a Praise and Worship event on my campus, and it was just the bit of inspiration I needed for my week. I mean, it’s so simple: Don’t be boring. Be awesome.

But if it’s so simple, why does it take a kid president for us to listen?

I know when I see this video, I think of all of the work that the many people in the interfaith movement are doing. Our good friend Kid President tells us that we are a team, and if religious groups worked together and thought about the world like that, think of all the great things that could get done! So many conflicts in the world are because life is seen as a competition: you are either on “my” side or “their” side. That kind of mentality really gets us nowhere. We need to work together for a common goal, making the world around us a better place for everyone. Combining resources and people, making friendships and dialoguing, that is how the REAL work gets done.

“I’m on your team, be on my team.”

So what are you going to do to be awesome? What is your passion? Whether it be school, art, your job, your family, or your friends, find that part of your life that makes you feel so infinitely happy, so complete… find your Space Jam. You don’t need kid president to be inspired, be inspired everyday with the wonderful world you have had a hand in making. But a kid dressed up as a president is pretty good inspiration.

“Create something that will make the world awesome.”

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