Spotlight: OFM Service for Dialogue


Last week from February 18th – 22nd, the OFM Service for Dialogue was holding an event in Nairobi, Kenya. The purpose of this dialogue is to set standards for dialogue between the Friars Minor and people of Islam in the area.

Read a description here!

I think that this is a great example of interfaith dialogue and cooperation in the world today, since you have two prominent religious groups discussing issues that pertain to the area of Africa where they are working. They aren’t just saying, “Hey, let’s do this dialogue thing,” without any action, they are making active steps towards a sustainable dialogue.  This also I think speaks very highly of the Franciscans who are making this effort to bring these groups together. All of this reminds me of St. Francis, who is one of the first people in history to have an interfaith dialogue when he went to talk to the Sultan during the crusades (one of my favorite stories about St. Francis)!

Read more about Francis and the Sultan.

I honestly don’t have much to say except “Bravo!” I hope that this is the first of many discussions to come both in Kenya and across the globe.

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