Midweek Inspiration: Kitten Meets Hedgehog

Does one really need an excuse to post an adorable video like this one? Not really. But being the writer that I am, I have a metaphor for these extremely cute critters.

When watching this adorable video of a tiny kitten meeting a little hedgehog for the first time, two things crossed my mind. The first being something along the lines of, “OH MY GOODNESS THEY ARE JUST THE CUTEST THINGS IN THE WORLD.” However once the hypnotism of adorableness wore off enough for me to return to my normal thinking capacities, I looked at this video a second time and saw an analogy for friendship and meeting new people.

Think about it, we have all felt like that little kitten before. Looking at someone we don’t understand and being extremely wary at first of who they are and what they are about. A hedgehog looks a lot different than a cat, therefore one could see the hesitation on the kitten’s part just like when we meet someone who is vastly different from us for the first time.

But as the video continues the kitten gets closer and closer to the hedgehog, and even plays with it a little bit. Likewise, when we start to talk to new people and get to know them, their differences aren’t so scary anymore. We get more and more comfortable with each other until eventually a friendship is born. Maybe they become your new best friend or maybe you just have a new and different perspective on a group of people that once frightened you.

Either way, that’s pretty awesome. Like hedgehogs and kittens.

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