Spotlight: “6 Tips for Christians on Talking to Non Christians” by Chris Stedman

Chris Stedman
(Photo: Wikipedia)

For those who celebrated Easter and Passover in the past couple weeks, I hope your celebrations were fulfilling and full of time with family and friends! After coming back from break and celebrating Easter with my family, I am swamped with homework so today’s post will be more of a recommendation than a reflection. During and after holiday seasons, I find that the discussion surrounding religions is more frequent and heightened, so I would like to share this piece to shed some light on how to have meaningful conversations.

The author, Chris Stedman is an interfaith activist who is also atheist and travels the country trying to bring the non-religious and religious together in dialogue. After once being a born-again Christian, he understands both perspectives and therefore writes a wonderful piece outlining how to have effective dialogues through giving six “tips.”

He brings a great perspective to the table and I highly recommend everyone takes a couple minutes to read it!

Read the piece here!


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