I believe that the twenty-first century will be shaped by the question of the faith line. On one side of the faith line are the religious totalitarians. Their conviction is that only one interpretation of one religion is a legitimate way of being, believing, and belonging on earth… On the other side of the faith line are the religious pluralists, who hold that people believing in different creeds and belonging to different communities need to learn to live together. – Eboo Patel, Acts of Faith

When I first realized how passionate I was for interfaith cooperation I was a freshman in college and had just taken a class on Islam. We took a field trip to the local mosque and school combination, met lots of people and saw so much beauty in this place of worship. In this experience, I felt so moved and was so touched by the sincerity of everyone I met and the beauty of the culture that was preserved in there. The same faith that I felt while participating in my Christian church I could see all of these people felt in that mosque. Without a doubt the similarities were more powerful than the differences. But after leaving and reentering into my world, I was interacting with people telling me all of the wrongs of Islam and how their own religion was the only way. The Islamophobic comments cut me deep, but rather than fighting back with hate I found myself thinking, “How can I show them what I see? How can I bring them to this side?”

What I see interfaith cooperation as is a group of people all working together to push that faith line, making more room and bringing more people’s perspectives to the space. It’s not a war, not a conversion, but a dialogue and there is plenty of space for everyone. My hope for this blog is that through reviews, insights, and interviews I can do my part to educate others and push the faith line further and further until we have space for everyone at the table.

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  1. It’s great that you got to see the genuine beauty of Islam! So many never bother trying to look past the Islamaphobic propaganda that’s spread around far too liberally. It may not be a perfect religion, but Christianity sure isn’t either!

    • So true! I wish more people let themselves see the beauty and kindness of the Muslim people. The kindness and generosity of the people I met is what led me to be where I am today, and I am so grateful for all that they taught me.

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