Midweek Inspiration: Talk to Your 10 Year Old Self

I am a big fan of Soul Pancake, which is apparent by the multiple videos of theirs I’ve used for this blog. Once again they have delivered inspiration with a touching reflection on what it means to grow up and look back. When I was a kid I wrote letters to my future self for various assignments, but how often do we look back and reflect on what we would say to ourselves when we were 10?

Sometime this week I think that I will try this exercise and see what I come up with. I encourage all of you to do the same!


Midweek Inspiration: Zach Sobiech

This video about this inspirational teenager has gone viral on the internet, especially on the social networking site Facebook. I cam across the video on the website Upworthy which has been posted an reposted on my own newsfeed. Initially the longer length of the video turned me off from watching it, but I decided to give it a shot and was not disappointed.

Not a lot can be said about this video. I encourage you to watch it and let yourself feel inspired to live everyday as if it were your last. I know I was.

Rest in peace Zach.

Anyone interested in donating should donate to theĀ research fund created on Zach’s behalf.

Midweek Inspiration: Real Beauty Sketches

After a week full of bad news, I think we all need a positive perspective. Those of you who are on social media often might have seen this video, but if you haven’t it’s definitely worth a watch. A forensic artist draws sketches of several women both of how they see themselves and how others see them. The result is really quite moving!

Too often we neglect our emotional needs and let our self esteem suffer. In a world that is so focused on physical appearance, we tend to let that be the driving force of how we see ourselves. That isn’t the case though, as the video showed inner beauty is what defines our outer beauty, not the other way around.

As Gandhi had said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I think we all want the world to be beautiful, radiant, and kind. Let’s all make sure to give ourselves that same attention and see the beauty within ourselves! Then we can let that shine in our work in interfaith, our families, friends, and everywhere else in our lives. Let your inner beauty define you and your world!

Midweek Inspiration: Compliments

This video just warmed my heart and I wanted to share it with all of you. The video encourages people to give each other compliments through a set up microphone on the street, something goofy and out of the ordinary. I know that I tend to not thank my family and friends enough for everything that they do for me or tell people the things I appreciate about them, so I would have taken this opportunity to tell the person I was with that I care!

I don’t have a lot to say, except don’t be afraid to tell people the good you see in them. It’s so simple but means so much!


Midweek Inspiration: Love

Today was a big day for the world with the naming of the new pope, but I’m going to save that for tomorrow’s post and keep today’s post nice and short. Today, I want to share with you this video about love.

What I love about this video is how much variety there is in the different submissions. While watching other people’s surprise parties and memories, I started to think about my own family memories and what I see love as.

I guess that’s something that we all have in common with each other, knowing the feeling of love even if we all believe in different things or live different lives.

So what does love look like to you?

Midweek Inspiration: Take a Seat – Make a Friend?

For this weeks inspiration I am posting a video that my mom sent to me (Hi Mom!). I think this video is a wonderful testament to the human experience and all of the things that we have in common with each other if we really look.

How often do we just walk past people on the street, without giving them a second glance? These people took the opportunity in the form of a ball pit in order to get to know each other better, and through watching the video you feel like you get to know them better too. From fake teeth, to MS, to secret handshakes, these people all find things in common and become friends in an unusual circumstance.

There’s even a little bit of religious dialogue in the ball pit too. When asked who inspires them, two of the gentleman had this conversation:

“Is it alright to talk about someone who is a religious figure?”
“Yeah why not? It’s our ball pit!”

I love that. For me, those few seconds embrace what it is that we do in interfaith dialogue. Those taboo subjects like faith and beliefs are ones that we talk about to grow and better understand each other. In dialogues we make our own rules on what you can and can’t talk about in the “ball pit.”

So what would life be like if we treated every conversation like a ball pit? If we felt comfortable enough with people to share stories about our lives and be honest with complete strangers? Think about the differences we could make in the world if we simply went on and trusted each other.

So go on, say what you need to say. The world is your ball pit! Take a seat and make a friend.

Midweek Inspiration: Kid President

Everyone can use a little inspiration in the middle of the work week, so I’ve decided to make Wednesdays “Midweek Inspiration” day and post something positive and inspiring to enjoy and reflect on!

This week’s inspiration: Kid President

I myself was introduced to this video last night during a Praise and Worship event on my campus, and it was just the bit of inspiration I needed for my week. I mean, it’s so simple: Don’t be boring. Be awesome.

But if it’s so simple, why does it take a kid president for us to listen?

I know when I see this video, I think of all of the work that the many people in the interfaith movement are doing. Our good friend Kid President tells us that we are a team, and if religious groups worked together and thought about the world like that, think of all the great things that could get done! So many conflicts in the world are because life is seen as a competition: you are either on “my” side or “their” side. That kind of mentality really gets us nowhere. We need to work together for a common goal, making the world around us a better place for everyone. Combining resources and people, making friendships and dialoguing, that is how the REAL work gets done.

“I’m on your team, be on my team.”

So what are you going to do to be awesome? What is your passion? Whether it be school, art, your job, your family, or your friends, find that part of your life that makes you feel so infinitely happy, so complete… find your Space Jam. You don’t need kid president to be inspired, be inspired everyday with the wonderful world you have had a hand in making. But a kid dressed up as a president is pretty good inspiration.

“Create something that will make the world awesome.”